Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Half time

I just posted my 26th post of 2009. I'm halfway through the year.

Originally, my New Year's Resolution of writing more. My goal was to put out something new every week and judging by the upcoming schedule, I think I've stuck to that very well. I have plans for entries dating all the way through the end of the year abd even some set up for specific dates in 2010.

It's been mostly fun, except when a week flies by and suddenly I have to finish an entry on Thursday night. I hate doing that because I know some of them could be a lot better. I hear some people speak on "This American Life" and marvel that their stories are so well put together. I want that. I can do that.

I thought the Bouncy Ball entry was particularly good as it wrapped up nicely with an allusion to something earlier in the story. That was probably because I went to our neighbors house and hung out with a bunch of their friends one night as we all did some creative work. People did music, flash design, needlepoint and writing - it was a very interesting crowd.

When I have free time I've been trying to jump ahead and work on some of the upcoming entries. A little while ago I took a notebook to our local park and just sat outside writing and thinking of good stories to include in the future. We'll see if all the ideas I got while looking at clouds turn out to be good or even useable, but for now, I'm enjoying the ride.

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